Custom Poplar Lamp Stand

The project

SML was asked to create a lamp stand with some very specific requirements. This lamp stand had to be built around a special waking light lamp, hold several phones and devices, glasses, and writing tools, and fit on top of a pre-existing bed side table.

The process

We sketched several ideas before landing on a final design. We then prototyped the structure using laser cut cardboard so our client could experience the piece in her actual space. After the design was approved we CNC’d and constructed the final piece.

The outcome

The final piece is built out of CNC’d aluminum and poplar, conditioned and finished to an elegant shine. Designed with exposed end-grain it has a unique marbled aesthetic, and soft corners so it appears pleasant and approachable. No sharp edges to accidentally bump into in the middle of the night.



"SML created a small custom project for me, and it was a great experience. They were very responsive throughout the process, and completely focused on my needs. I'm so pleased with the final result, and hope to have my beautiful custom tabletop organizer for years. I would be happy to work with SML again in the future." - Lorelei

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