Tea Cabinet

The project

Our client had just moved to Seattle from New York, and was looking for a custom piece of furniture that would connect him to the Pacific Northwest. He also needed a better way to store and display his many tins of tea. We helped him combine those two needs into one solution.

The process

We toured our client's home to get a feel for layout and product placement, as well as the style of the home. We worked together to create a series of sketches, explored digital renderings, and discussed different material options.

The outcome

The final tea cabinet is made from light and dark woods to mirror the light and dark teas it displays. We selected Maple and Walnut because of their great contrasting tones, and because both species are native to the Pacific Northwest. It is a simple and sleek design, constructed with only sturdy interlocking pieces--no nails or fasteners were used.


Custom Tea Cabinet by SML


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